• STUDIO ART Grade 7

    This is a project-oriented class that will explore a variety of media and subjects. Projects are based on an artist’s work or cultural craft. Creativity and problem-solving skills are developed through a variety of projects.

    STUDIO ART Grade 8

    Studio Art focuses on improving observation, intention, and visual communication skills via the study of art history and theories of design. This is a general course that focuses on understanding themes within Modernist and Contemporary art movements as well as the elements and principals of visual design. Creativity and problem solving skills are developed through a variety of individual and group projects. Students will create their portraits in this class as well as work in a variety of drawing materials as well as collage, photography, and printmaking.


    Use your visual and creative problem-solving skills in this special projects class. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics such as design for theater, mural painting, and bookmaking. This class is designed for students with previous art experience and interest.

    CERAMICS Grades 7 and 8

    This course is an introduction to clay and the hand built form. Focus will be on hand building with slabs. Projects MAY include serving ware such as a teapot, mug, birdhouse, mask, and other sculptural forms. Students will keep a sketchbook for their ideas and will get messy!