Writing Parent Support

  • Supporting readers at home, adults can:

    Emerging Writers:

    • Read aloud to your child on a regular basis. Reading provides the foundation for writing and builds vocabulary.
    • Encourage developmental spelling.
    • Encourage your child to label things in their room or around your house.
    • Encourage your child to add pictures and a few words to thank-you notes or cards.
    • Demonstrate the many ways you use writing.
    • Write a story together.

    Fluent Writers:

    • Read chapter books aloud to your child. Reading provides a model of story structure.
    • Introduce your child to new authors and genres.
    • Read a poem once a week.
    • Play word games such as Junior Scrabble, Yahtzee, or informational word games with similes and word alliteration.
    • Provide blank books for a personal journal. stationery, or writing materials.
    • Be a supportive audience for your child and display your child's artwork and writing.
    • Talk about root words, prefixes, and suffixes that help children see the patterns of English spelling.

    Adolescent/Young Adult Writers:

    • Read young adult and adult novels aloud to your child and discuss them. Talk about point of view and author style.
    • Discuss the writers decisions and choices.
    • Do crossword puzzles together.
    • Encourage your child to send editorials or contribute to blogs.
    • Ask your child to share his or her writing with you.
    • Have your child collect family stories and make them into a book as a gift.