Skokie Principal's Welcome

  • Greetings Parents and Families,

    It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you and your children to The Skokie School community. The Skokie School is a very special place, in that it is the first time the children across Winnetka join together to create one united community of learners. We recognize the unique experiences the children have had in their elementary schools and feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to nurture a collaborative, warm environment to support the students as they transition from elementary to middle school.

    As with all of our Winnetka Public Schools, The Skokie School is a building rich with history and tradition. Our school building is approaching its 100th birthday. We have the honor of being inspired by the creative and courageous educators who have come before us. As we look to the present and future, we take our responsibility to serve the children and families of Winnetka extremely seriously. Our educators are invested in life-long learning and, in the progressive education tradition, are constantly trying new approaches in their classrooms in order to inspire student curiosity, intellectual growth, and character development.

    At The Skokie School, our hope is to provide your children with a nurturing environment in which they can take risks as learners, feel both challenged and supported in their academic endeavors, and build meaningful relationships with others. One of the ways in which we support the students with these goals is through our advisory program. Advisory occurs during the first 20 minutes of school each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. During this time, our teachers engage students in lessons that focus on various social and emotional learning goals, from developing a sense of belonging at school to understanding our brains and practicing habits that make us ready to learn. I look forward to communicating with you about this work as the year unfolds in my weekly newsletters, called the Skokie Home Scoop. You can expect these newsletters each Friday afternoon.

    The home-school partnership is incredibly important in supporting our growing learners. I look forward to partnering with you to support your child this year.

    Warm regards,

    Betty Weir
    The Skokie School