• All teachers are required to maintain active licensure related to their employment.
    License registrations, renewals, and initial applications for state licenses and endorsements are processed through the State of Illinois system of Regional Offices of Education (ROE). The ROE servicing the Winnetka Public Schools is the North Cook Regional Office of Education (ROE#5) located at:

    1001 E. Touhy Avenue, Suite 200
    Des Plaines, IL 60018
    (847) 824-8300 (phone)
    (847) 824-1033 (fax)

    All associates are required to have a Paraprofessional License, a Substitute License, or a Professional Educators License (PEL or PEL with stipulations) on file with the North Cook Regional Office of Education (ROE#5). Any deficiencies related to a PEL License with Stipulations must be addressed within two years to convert a PEL with Stipulations to an unrestricted PEL.

    All associates who are interested in substitute teaching must also have a registered teaching or substitute teaching license. All external substitutes must have an active Substitute License or Professional Educator License (PEL).

    Applications and information related to licensure are available through the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) website. License management is addressed through the Educator License Information System (ELIS) which is accessed via the home page of the ISBE website.

    Teacher Recertification

    All teacher license renewal is completed through the ELIS portal. The system allows one to view and update personal information, degree records, active teaching status, input of completed professional learning, and determination of Highly Qualified Status, as well as to register and renew one’s license.

    The Human Resources Department is available to assist staff with license renewal. Renewal reminders are generated by ISBE and the Human Resources Department will offer support for this process. Each staff member is responsible to meet all professional requirements and to maintain a log of required professional learning in the ELIS system. Training on the ELIS system will be available annually and personal assistance is available as well.

    Associate Certification

    All associates employed within Winnetka District 36 must have on file with the North Cook Regional Office a Paraprofessional License, a Substitute License, or a Professional Educators License. Professional development requirements vary for each of these certifications. All licenses must be renewed and registered on a five year cycle, except for a PEL with Stipulations which must be converted within two years.

    Substitute Certification

    Substitute licenses are valid for five years and may be renewed if the individual passes an approved Test of Basic Skills. An individual who has passed a Test of Basic Skills will not be required to retake the test. All associates interested in Substitute Teaching need to obtain a substitute teaching license or be licensed as a professional educator (PEL).

    Substitute licenses are renewable every five years. Substitutes and associates who substitute teach are participants in the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS) and as such, will be subject to the withholding and payment of TRS payments. Under certain conditions, employee payments to TRS may be withdrawn from the system. Information about TRS eligibility, payments, annuity payments, and withdrawals can be accessed at http://trs.illinois.gov/