Trout in the Classroom Begins to Ripple!

The Trout in the Classroom Project is in its second year at Hubbard Woods School. Please check out the complete Hubbard Woods Trout in the Classroom Website here:

We've had several meetings of dedicated fourth graders who are working to bring the idea of conservation and preservation of our natural resources to the attention of our community, not just on earth day, but every day!

The website will be developing daily as our student writers develop summaries of their work and contribute photographs of the process too.

You can not only see a real time video of the trout tank, but you can also take a look at some of our data that we have been collecting on the tank since we placed our eggs into their basket on November 29th.

We are anxious to begin testing the Lake Michigan water and preparing for the big release day on April 21st. Maybe more importantly are how we are going to continue to make the ripples of the project carry on much longer.

Please join us in celebrating and learning!